Mulder Onions

at your service since 1903 



Mulder Onions is specialized in the export of onions and potatoes, as well as products such as garlic, carrots, cabbage and other field-scale vegetables. Our customer base ranges from supermarkets to packaging companies, and from wholesalers to industrial peeling companies.

Thanks to our international trading activities and years of experience, Mulder Onions is up-to-date when it comes to developments in the global onion and potato trade. This knowledge is shared with customers and suppliers across the globe. These customers are not only in Europe and Africa but are also the Middle East, the Far East and the Caribbean, even in Central and South America. Please inquire about our options and benefit from our global network!



Besides being exporters, Mulder Onions also imports onions from various countries in order to guarantee top quality onions year-round. By doing so, we can offer Spanish onions from June until March, and then from March to July, we have an import season for the European market with newly harvested onions from New Zealand, Australia, Egypt and South America. We also offer our customers French, German and Austrian onions, as well as peeled onions from Poland.

Furthermore, we complement this import package with Chinese, Spanish and Peruvian garlic. That’s called specializing!