Hassle-free logistics

Hassle-free logistics

Mulder Onions

at your service since 1903

Logistics & Service

Mulder Onions ensures that their customers receive their orders problem-free. We ensure that documentation is handled and processed quickly and that the correct shipment is loaded and delivered. The expertly arranged, coordinated logistical processes and mutual sharing of knowledge ensures a guaranteed delivery. Thanks to our ideal location, we can make optimal use of the multi-modular transportation possibilities, regrouping of containers and cargo flows and the liner services of large international shipping companies.

The experts at Mulder Onions are up-to-date with market situations in countries across the world, they are familiar with each country’s culture and people and speak a variety of languages. In short, the combination of these qualities means we can serve you, our valued customer, wherever you may be in the world.


  • Africa 27% 27%
  • Asia 23% 23%
  • America 16% 16%
  • Europe 14% 14%
  • Middle East 12% 12%
  • Oceania 8% 8%