White and red cabbage



White and red cabbage come from the cabbage family of vegetables: round or oval-shaped cabbages with densely packed leaves. White and red cabbage are, in fact, biennial crops which form a head in the first year and bloom in the second year. In the Netherlands, white and red cabbage is mainly grown in the province of North Holland.


Red cabbage is one of the oldest known cabbage varieties. It has been eaten for centuries. It dates back to the centuries before Christ when red cabbage was used for various kinds of medicinal purposes. It is hard to imagine supermarket shelves without cabbage. Cabbage has a high vitamin C content and is a good source of fiber.


In the Netherlands, cabbage is harvested between July and November but can be well-stored in cold stores throughout the year. A combination of red and white cabbage, supplied along with other products is an option. Thanks to our large network, we are also the right partner for any destination for other open-field vegetables, such as celeriac or turnips.


Availability: Year-round

Sizes: 6/8 heads – 9/10 heads – 12/13 heads – 18/25 heads

Packaging: 10 kg – 20 kg – 25 kg (available in net bags in a box)

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