Our story

Mulder Onions

at your service since 1903 

Our story

Mulder Onions was launched as an independent company from N.J. Mulder B.V. in Bleiswijk, in 1997. Its history goes back to 1903, when it was founded by Nicolaas Johannes Mulder and was run as a family business until 1980. From the beginning on, Mulder Onions has been continuously active in the onion and potato trade and export. Owner, Gerard Hoekman, grew up among potatoes, and never left the sector.

Mulder Onions has an extensive customer base: from supermarkets to packaging companies, and from wholesalers to industrial peeling companies. Mulder Onions has a large customer base from far-ranging geographic locations. They are spread across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania, as well as Central and South America.

These international trade activities provides Mulder Onions with opportunities to remain up-to-date on developments in the onion and potato trade. This knowledge is not only crucial for Mulder Onions itself, but is also shared with its customers and suppliers all over the world. Onion and potato trade is no longer just a local activity; it is now done on an international scale. By visiting their contacts on a regular basis, Mulder Onions’ sales team is well acquainted with each customer and their country’s culture.