Mulder Onions

at your service since 1903

Mulder Onions invests in the future, focuses on sustainability, values reliability and works almost exclusively with GlobalGAP, Skal and BRC certified companies. Loading only takes place after careful quality control at the packing stations. Samples are taken on a regular basis by Food Compass. Certification is given solely on the basis of meticulous controls, carried out by independent and recognized institutions. Our inspector ensures that each and every shipment is precisely controlled. Mulder Onions stands for quality so that, even after a sea voyage of several weeks, our products are delivered in optimal condition.

See our certification below:

  • IFS Broker
  • SKAL – BIO
  • QS
Tim van Haandel

Tim van Haandel

Sales and Quality

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 +31 6 12998247


Jan Moerdijk

Jan Moerdijk

Quality Control

+31 6 54377753