Good for your health!

Good for your health!

Good for your health!

Good for your health!


Garlic has a special place in the allium family. It is one of the few onion varieties used in culinary applications that forms its bulbs underground rather than in the topsoil layer. Characteristic of garlic is that it is made up of several separate cloves. Worldwide, there are more than 300 garlic varieties. Most of these are geologically specific and therefore adapted to the local climate and growth conditions. Dried garlic stores well, but tastes different compared to the green freshly harvested product. 


At Mulder Onions, you will find garlic that originates from various countries. China accounts for at least 70% of the global garlic production and so, determines the world market. Chinese garlic, with its white papery skin and strong taste, is, therefore, also one of the most common varieties. Mulder Onions supplies the Chinese Normal White, and Pure White garlic varieties. In addition, we also have Spanish and Peruvian garlic, both are pink to purple in color and milder in taste. Wild garlic (Allium ampeloprasum) with its large, very mild-tasting cloves, is not a true garlic variety but is more closely related to the leek.



Our garlic is primarily loaded into cold storage containers. These containers are loaded and ventilated in such a way to let the garlic breathe. The garlic is checked various times during the logistical process. Thanks to the large quantities received from, and the close cooperation with our Chinese partner, Mulder Onions can offer competitive prices and unrivalled quality.

Availability: year-round

Sizes: 45+ – 50+ – 55+ – 60+

Packaging: 40 x 250 g – 20 x 500 g – 10 x 1 kg – 5 kg – 10 kg – 20 kg (available in boxes and bags)


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